The List Of Contributions

The list of contributions in research paper says it’s like the claims that you make you say in this paper I’m going to substantiate the following claims one two three four right and every claim for word references to some evidence and the idea is that your reader reads these claims and thinks crumbs if he could really do that he’ll be quite cool so they have to be crisp enough to to be understood by a reader and think and have that thought now here’s an example I usually write claims like this using bullets because as you’re reading that first page remember your readers at the moment are not committed to your paper. Find more information on paper contributions at¬†Edusson.

They’re just thinking about it people’s eyes are drawn to bullets they just read the first bit of each bullet right so for every contribution I have one bullet right is all gonna fit on the first page so after some introduction about the problem I’ll then say you know in this paper we put the choice on a firmer basis or in this paper we make the following new contributions that’s typical that and then lay them out 1 2 3 4 bullets and for each bullet look what I’ve done here right explain precisely bluffer bar section 4 we do this discuss these effects section 5 and 16 could trust them in section 7 so for every claim I’ve made I’ve given a forward reference to evidence in the paper that supports the claim so page 1 is like the specification and the rest of the papers like the implementation so for every bit in the spec you give a forward reference to the implementation that substantiates that specification.

You would think this is great because now if a reader thinks ah I wonder if that claim is true he could knows exactly where to go to look and if you’re over viewer the end is looking back at your claims having read the paper you can say yep tick yep tick right that’s much better than asking them to do detective work to say I wonder where this third plane is substantial oh when when I say evidence I do not necessarily mean theorems it might be measurements it might just be argument it might be sort of just sort of more detail somehow so evidence I don’t mean I mean a sort of slightly woolly kind of thing but something to make the reader believe that you’re right whatever form that takes in your field are you with me here idea contributions oh it’s got a problem contributions you may not have enough space in the introduction to say very much about your idea you’re almost asking them to say well here’s the problem here’s here’s the properties of my solution now you’re really motivated to learn my idea so don’t try to present the idea on page 1 because you won’t fit it is pretty much what it comes to.