Personal Statements In Health Industry

A big issue you’re gonna want to talk about your medical dental any kind of health community studying experiences and you’re going to talk about them in a rich manner that convinces the admissions committee that you really do have an understanding of both the breadth and the depth of what a career in that area means you may put in extra curricular activities usually you’re not going to have room and usually you can leave this to the activity statement but if you did just something that was golly gee Wow you may put in something in an extracurricular activity but not all of them and a great concluding paragraph you again want to wow them take a longer view. Find useful advices on your personal statement at¬†Edusson.

Where do you want to see yourself in five years students say sometimes well my goal in life is to get in no it’s not your goal in life is to be through okay so you may you’re not gonna recite your entire CV but you are gonna pick out the great things that are going to make the admissions committee go WOW and because they see them there they’re gonna look for other evidence in the application so I’ve been helping students write for over thirty years here and I just want to tell you a little bit about what I’ve learned about student writing because it gives kind of a rationale to logic about the rest of what I’m going to tell you and maybe makes you under has you understand why you have to go through a little bit of a paradigm shift to think differently about this so all over the United States as well as at my institution I see that most students are stuck on their middle school training this is I’m sure not the way you necessarily perceive it but when somebody says to write an essay many of you thinking well I should tell a story a story has a theme story has three parts a beginning a middle and an end and it has a theme that runs through the entire thing.

So I see personal statements about going into the Health Professions where the theme is sports golf baseball and it’s reiterated in every paragraph this is maybe the first paragraph is a story about what motivated you and what you got you in but think of the rest of it more as like a report rather than a story so lots of students have been told just tell a story just pick one theme and thread it through the entire thing and then when you get done all you need is an English teacher and a med student or a den student to prove it and I can tell you based on my 33 years that’s not going to work so what this comes down to is this is a different type of writing and the reason you don’t know how to do this is because we have not taught you.